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Ink on luxury paper

76X65 (image size)


Journey Through India: The Spiritual Essence of Ganesha

As I embarked on a transformative journey through the vibrant and diverse landscapes of India, I was captivated by the spiritual richness and cultural tapestry that unfolded before my eyes. Each city, each temple, and each encounter left an indelible mark on my soul, inspiring me to create a piece of art that would encapsulate the essence of my travels. The result was "Ganesha," a manifestation of my experiences, emotions, and spiritual revelations.

Ganesha, the beloved elephant-headed deity revered as the remover of obstacles and the patron of arts and sciences, resonated deeply with me throughout my sojourn in India. His omnipresence in temples, homes, and street corners symbolized the unwavering faith and resilience of the Indian people, who find solace and strength in his benevolent presence.

As I reflect on my artistic creation, I am reminded of the profound interconnectedness of all things—the unity of diversity, the harmony of chaos, the beauty in imperfection. Through "Ganesha," I seek to convey not just a mere representation of my travels but a deeper understanding of the spiritual essence that permeates every corner of this ancient land.

May this artwork serve as a testament to the enduring spirit of India, a land where gods walk among mortals and miracles unfold with every breath. And may it inspire others to embark on their own journey of self-discovery, guided by the wisdom and grace of Ganesha, the eternal traveler who leads us from darkness to light.


Your painting : 76 x 56 cm / 29.5 x 21.6 inches

How to frame your art?

Once you receive your art:

I. We recommend framing your art in a frame with measurements of 74 x 94 cm / 29.13 x 37 in.

II. Must do: Add a background to your painting with a white passe-partout of 7 cm / 2.7 inches width.

III. Luxury frames trick: Create a floating effect with a thick frame of 4 cm / 1.5 inches and a hidden platform of 48 x 70 cm / 18.8 x 27.5 inches where your painting will stand on.


Handcrafted luxury paper

Certificate of Authenticity

The artwork is personally signed by the artist Elina Shi and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity


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