Shi is Shin, it is the sacred letter of the Kabalistic alphabet, it is teeth... When a body is dilapidated and destroyed, only teeth remain. It's a transformation. Like the Indian goddess Kali, with her eternal hunger, the artist consumes the world of the sensual for the spiritual. Shin is fire, consuming everything in its path but bringing liberation. Cynicism, Denial of Standards, Irrationality, Disappointment and Fascination with the otherworldly - ALL these become the creator's palette.



Her art soars over space and time. Like a Gnostic one-eyed Demiurge, it looks down on our spicy totalitarian societies from its Nine Twilight Heaven. It does not teach, it does not instruct, it does not dissolve. We perceive Shi's art - with the body, intensely feeling, lusting for life, and only then does the intellect come into play.


As pure as the coitus of two bodies. All of Shi's works are built on deep symbolism. It is the secret metalanguage that our subconscious mind speaks. "The mind has staggered and become the Great Madman." Using a variety of techniques, Shi communicates the core concept of her art. Her art straightens out God's Way, which is warped by false human morality.

Shi's work is an attempt to truly perceive and critique the times in which we live. Through perfomance and actionism, the artist creates her new surrealist theatre, which returns us to the beauty of Mother Nature, but does not require us to imitate her. Shi says: "Look for your woman, your Eve, Astarte, Kebela, and ask her for the Apple of Good and Evil". The femininity of her work opposes the masculinity of Reason. Using the imagination, she penetrates the altar of Love's untouchable sexual essence, where the yonic and the phallic merge into one. And that's where her anarchic writing technique comes into play!


It is of course travelling around Asia and the East, meeting the great spiritual enlighteners, immersing herself in the philosophy of tantra and kundalini yoga. The artist has her own Gurus. They are André Breton, Louis Aragon, Marquis de Sade, Simone de Beauvoir, Osho, Ramakrishna and also Maria de Naglowski and her "knights of the golden arrow" rituals . Everything happens through the "sacrament of suspension" . To get rid of your fears and understand the meaning of your life is possible by hanging somewhere high. But here the artist goes her own way. She identifies herself with all that is most beautiful and all that is most terrible in our lives. The art of self-identification requires peace. And here Shi reinterprets the ancient Japanese practice of shibari in a new way. She sees it as the highest form of meditation. In order to become aware of the illusory nature of existence, one must stop, freeze, like a stone. This will bring an immeasurable flow of pleasure. This is the great Equilibrium of which Maria de Naglovsky wrote in her writings, and which Shi transforms into perfomance, a solitary duel between 'yes' and 'no', a fundamental nonconformism that steals not only the soul but also the body of the spectator. It is the theatre of water. It is an ancient mystery of the death and resurrection of God. The artist's works can decorate any home or office, giving the space a special radical sophistication and energy. They can also serve as a luxurious gift and a source of meditation for those who are looking for their true purpose in life.